E-Commerce and the Internet as a whole have completely redefined the shopping dynamics of customers. In this era, it is a basic instinct to check out the webpage of a brand as a first source of information. The beauty of this business is that today, it is really simple to make an ecommerce website using various website builders and anyone with even a basic knowledge of computers can do it. This ensures low cost operations.

Below is a list of the Ecommerce website builders that beginners can use effectively.


Shopify is the most widely used web designing software. The platform comes with beautiful template designs in a large variety, SEO facilities and a wide range of home-grown measurement and reporting tools to make customization and control easy. In addition, it offers automated store backups, Google checkout and the support of all major credit cards powered by PayPal.


It has its own app store wherein you can get an extension for any functionality that you desire. It is highly scalable and thus ideal to be used by beginners and large enterprises alike. You can outsource your Shopify design services to IttisaLabs at an affordable cost.


Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce comes with beautiful themes to choose from. It also gives developers a lot of control over the website. The main differentiating factor of BigCommerce is its social media integration.


For instance, Facebook store is fully integrated and synchronized with BigCommerce. You can also integrate it with Google shopping and various other platforms. Know more about our Bigcommerce development services.


Wix as an Ecommerce development platform, is highly appreciated by beginners as it is a pure drag and drop website builder. It offers over 510 templates to choose from. It has easy add-ons for discount code creators, tax and shipping calculations, inventory management etc.



Weebly is another drag and drop website builder similar to Wix. It’s one of the easiest tools to use for a beginner. It comes with enhanced features like abandoned cart recovery, quickbooks and CSV export. It’s also a complete mobile ready solution.



SquareSpace has the most stylish and modern themes to choose from. However, it’s not scalable like Shopify or other competitors. So this is mostly used by companies focusing on a minimalistic media based look. There are some great features like automatic newsletter signup with MailChimp and ecommerce analytics among others.



Volusion, once a market leader is mostly used by starters now due to limited customizability. However, since it is priced cheap, it is famous among beginners.



Websitebuilder.com offers a custom domain name for free. In addition, it offers free accounts along with secure and dependable web hosting along with limited SEO tools. Here a user can create an email address for their business absolutely free.



Magento offers a completely customisable solution right from the beginning. It is highly scalable and is an ideal solution for people who plan to run multiple stores at once. However, it needs a hosting platform.


Here are two version of this Ecommerce platforms:

  • Magento Community (CE) – Free to download and use, small-medium size businesses
  • Magento Enterprise (EE) – $18,000 USD per year (enterprise business solution), large size businesses

Ittisalabs specializes as a Magento development company.

WordPress (Woocommerce)

WordPress is a self-hosted website management tool like Magento. This requires a beginner to intermediate level of development knowledge unlike Shopify and alike which can be used by a novice. Since the cost involved here is really cheap, WordPress is an ideal choice of bloggers by hobby. Know more about our Woocommerce development services.



Highwire offers customisable solutions for experts and built in solutions for novices. It offers excellent marketing tools that take care of SEO, Google rankings and social network highlights automatically in the background. You can also keep all the data and the security of your site at your fingertips using the powerful admin panel as well.



  • For people with no basic knowledge, Shopify and BigCommerce are ideal platforms depending on the amount of investment you wish to make. If you prefer a free solution, WebsiteBuilder.com is a good option.
  • For people with basic knowledge of development, Magento and Woocommerce be used.

For more details on how you can create your own ecommerce website, or hire someone to do it for you, give us a call or drop us a message.




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