Drupal is an open source, free Content Management System (CMS) software that helps to organize, manage and publish content online. Built on PHP based environments, it is a very powerful and flexible software that can be used to build large and complex sites. Drupal effectively manages content on social media sites, informational sites, member sites, web applications and intranets.

Why do we use Drupal?

Here are the reasons Ittisalabs recommend for using Drupal platform for website development.


Leading organizations across the world use Drupal for never ending digital innovation. Ittisa, as a Web developer and marketer uses Drupal for creating as well as managing content on web, mobile and social platforms.


Speed is a very important factor in digital marketing, and every organization requires a platform that will help them move at a fast pace, while capitalizing on business opportunities. Drupal is a flexible platform that helps marketers overcome any holdup or delay while building new sites, thus creating an amazing experience.

High Scalability

At Ittisa, we use Drupal to support high traffic sites, scale the business and the brands associated with it so that there is no issue with the next digital transformation you have planned for your business. The world’s busiest sites like The Olympics and GRAMMY.com run on Drupal.

Drupal Platform Features:

  • As it is an open sourced software, there is no requirement of any licensing fee
  • Makes creation and management of your site easier
  • Its built-in user interface has the ability to translate anything in the system
  • Can connect your business website to other sites/services using search engine  connection capabilities, other sites, etc
  • Plenty of customizable themes and templates are available, no need of starting from scratch
  • 7000+ plugins available for boosting your website

Ittisa Labs as a Drupal Web Development Company

The team at Ittisa Labs is highly skilled in Drupal web development and offers you the most powerful, scalable and professional Drupal services. We build user – friendly Drupal websites and develop customised themes and functionalities according to your requirements. Our most recent project on Drupal has been for a leading healthcare provider- Columbia Asia.

Take a look at our portfolio to know more about the work we do. If you have any queries, you can leave a message below and we will get back to you shortly.




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