In recent years, the web has become a vital part of our lives. From reading a newspaper every morning to shopping and banking, it’s presence can be felt everywhere. To utilize the huge scope that the web offers, web developers need to keep pace with the changing technologies. The following are trends that all developers should learn this year in order to keep themselves relevant and their audience engaged.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is a driving force in bringing humans closer to technology. Think of a scenario- you’re sitting in front of your laptop thinking of buying a new smartphone. You write a status update on Facebook seeking the opinion of your friends on what smartphone you should buy, and in consequent browsing sessions you start seeing articles and advertisements about different phones in your feed. How does that happen?

That’s the power of artificial intelligence. In this particular case, Facebook used a tool called DeepText to extract meaning from words that you posted by learning to analyse them contextually. AI has made life as a consumer even easier or as some say less private. However, AI brings a lot of scope for developers since it has the power to automate web development to a large extent.

The most significant use of AI is AI driven website design services from a web development company. For example, with The Grid which uses an AI program called Molly, developers can design and develop a website. The program asks developers basic questions based on colors, branding etc and based on the answers designs a layout. The best part is that you can see what your website looks like even before it is published.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in web technology

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Virtual Reality

Imagine reading about the Taj Mahal, exploring the inside of the tomb, viewing the texture of the blocks used to build it or solving a puzzle to gain access to the monument on a foggy morning.. You could even have a virtual guide accompanying you, narrating the history of the monument and answering all your questions.

And all this while accompanied by distinct ambient sound effects. VR is extensively used in gaming websites and designing experiences for real estate projects. It is also used by some online shopping sites to help customers see how the clothes look on them without physically trying them on.

Static Website Generators

In a dynamic website, when a customer sends a request, the server undergoes several operations and returns the result to the customer. In a static site generator, as soon as a change occurs in the file, the server makes the required changes and prepares the new result regardless of whether the result will be consumed immediately or not.

The generator takes the content in flat files instead of databases, applies it against layouts or templates and generates a structure of purely static HTML files that are ready to be delivered to users. Static Website Generators are less complicated, high speed, need no technical background, offer high security, and are better at handling traffic surges. But the downside is that it cannot have any real time content which is a necessity today.

Rails 5 / Angular 4 / Yarn Package Manager

Rails 5 is the youngest generation of the very famous Rails.

  • Rails 5 allows developers to hook the APIs created in Rails to any JavaScript of their choice as a part of RoR development.
  • Single page website is one of the hottest trends and Turbolinks 5 does that easily because it can fetch full HTML pages and replace the body without a client side JavaScript.
  • ActionCable makes creating notifications easy and enhances chat features.

Angular 4 comes with an animation package and view engine functionality to reduce the complexity of the code generated by over 80%. Angular Universal (Angular on Servers) is in line with Angular 4.

Bots & Conversational UI

Chatbots is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. It makes customer support immediate and thus boosts online sales.

3D User Interface

In 3D user interaction (3DUI) the human interacts with a computer or other device with an aspect of three-dimensional space. With Project Felix from Adobe and TurboSquid and WebVR and ReactVR from Mozilla, it is evident that users are inclined towards 3D UI and it is going to be an emerging hot trend.

3D User Interface web design

Keeping these trends in mind while developing new websites, will help businesses drive greater results and make use of important customer data in an efficient manner.

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