Indivogue is an African company based out of Nigeria. It’s an ecommerce venture that sells hair extensions and wigs of different textures, styles and colours to women.

Indivogue came to us with an interesting idea and we decided to create a fun website for them- almost as much fun as women have with their hair. Interesting call to actions, good imagery and fun content were the three pillars we based the website on.

We also customised a try-out feature for them where women could upload/ click a photo of themselves and they try on different hairstyles to see what suited them before making a purchase. The result was a website that women had fun exploring which in turn increased time spent on the website leading to higher ROI.

Services Provided: UI/UX Design Services, HTML Development, CMS Integration
Languages: PHP 5 Development Services, CSS3, Javascripy, Jquery, Ajax
CMS: Magento
Time Taken: 8 weeks
Advanced: Try On hair extensions




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