Mobile App development for your business gives credible visibility that extends much beyond the Internet. It acts as a cutting-edge tool for keeping pace with your customers in an increasingly mobile market.

Without any doubt, iPhone and Android devices have secured their place in the generations to come. A recent report showed that mobile – only users have surpassed desktop – only users. The use of smartphones is growing at an astounding rate, which in turn has opened up opportunities for all types of businesses including offshore mobile app development services.

IttisaLabs as an Offshore Mobile App Development Company

IttisaLabs as an offshore mobile app development company provides tactic, innovation, design, and development for the mobile apps, be it android app development or the iOS app development. If your company is looking for a technological partner to help build high quality mobile apps, Ittisa labs is your answer as our ambition is to find techniques to make your mobile app more interactive and impactful.

Whether its an iPhone app development, Android app development, native mobile app development or hybrid mobile app development, we help businesses leverage the mobile market in order to reach a vast audience, boost their brand and improve processes.

With a proven history in mobile application development, our applications are easy to use, feature packed, best in design, quickly updatable, error-free and powerful.

Native Mobile App Development Services

Native mobile apps have proved to be responsive while providing fluid user experience with minimal loading lags or delays during scrolling or clicks. They also provide the right medium to implement hardware specific features. Major App companies like Facebook, LinkedIn use native apps because they provide testing, better security and debugging features.

We create fast performing and highly reliable native apps developed in Java for Android app development and Objective C or Swift for iOS app development.

Hybrid App Development

We do hybrid app development for clients who use web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and then put in a native container such Adobe PhoneGap. The APIs of Adobe PhoneGap for accessing device features are powerful and can access many mobile device capabilities like address book, accelerometer, and camera.

We build a cloud based service on top of the PhoneGap framework which allows enterprises to utilize the full potential of a mobile device. These apps are faster to develop resulting in cost effective development and deployment.

Outsource your Mobile app development to us

As far as our mobile app development services are concerned, we have worked with different kinds of mobile app development works outsourced to us- ranging from banking and betting app development to music and event app designing.

For more details on our work as a mobile app design & development company, please visit our work.

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