The shopping cart of an ecommerce store can be compared to an engine that ensures the smooth process of online shopping on your website. The cart that you choose for your store should not only fulfil your needs, but provide a smooth experience to your customers too.

An e-commerce website can never run smoothly without a good shopping cart. This is because it not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also helps in terms of revenue and traffic building. Overall, an ECommerce website should provide the some of the Must-have ECommerce website functionalities including a friction-less shopping cart design.

There are a few necessary elements that you need to keep in mind if you want to develop a good shopping cart:

1. Multiple Payment Options

A majority of people who shop online use their cards for payment. As an eCommerce store owner, you have to first open a merchant account so that your shopping cart software can use the real time payment gateway for processing card transactions.

Multiple Payment options on Ecommerce website


However, there are many people who do not feel comfortable sharing their card details online. So, if you have multiple payment options in the shopping cart, it will evidently attract more customers. Options like Cash on Delivery, multiple wallet options like PayTM etc will encourage more customers to make a purchase from your store.

2. Reviews from customers

Regular promotions of your products increase awareness, but reviews by other customers will always have a greater and lasting impact. A greater percentage of customers are willing to purchase from a site that has product reviews by other customers.

It helps the buyers to make the right choice while making a purchase and also increases the trust factor of the brand. The most effective form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’ and product reviews are just a digital version of the same.

3. Providing a wishlist

Customers do not always purchase everything they like at that very moment; sometimes they save a few purchases for later. So, a wishlist is an integral feature of a shopping cart. Having a wishlist it has been noticed, spurs people to shop more frequently and faster which is beneficial for any brand.

When people can handle their shopping and make purchases at their own convenience, it automatically leads to higher satisfaction. If the website is built on some pre-defined platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify, there are plugins available which can ease your work. You can explore here from a list of Must-have WooCoomerce plugins if you are building your store using WooCommerce on WordPress.

4. Offers and Discount Coupons

Customers, especially the ones who are compulsive shoppers are always on the lookout for discounts. Coupons and discounts are also a good way to attract new customers and retain the ones who have not made a purchase for a while. It is important that the shopping cart of your online store should be able to process all coupon/discount codes to attract consumers.

Coupons options on ECommerce websites

Source: Tips and Tricks HQ

A good shopping cart will come with a built-in option of applying coupons and discounts. For a smooth transaction, have the option of applying coupon and discount codes as soon as the customer clicks on the checkout option.

5. Fast & Smooth Checkout process

While customers happily take a lot of time during the shopping process, they certainly do not like waiting when it comes to the billing and checkout process – be it at a physical store or an online one. Checkout should be a speedy process.

Frictionless checkout

Source: ReadyBytes

The fields required for filling up should be kept minimum and if possible, in a single page. This will enhance the user experience and make people come back to your site again and again.

6. Option of tracking order

Order confirmation and shipping emails help assure customers that their orders have been placed. However, there must be an option of tracking the order for customers to know where it is exactly placed.

The shopping cart of your ecommerce store should keep customers informed about their purchased product at every step. Users can use the account that they create upon registration for tracking their orders.

7. Sales Reporting

A shopping cart must have an in-built sales reporting capability. This feature is necessary for any brand to track sales of your product up to a certain level.

It is evident that your shopping cart can be the key to sales when it comes to an online store. If you provide a good customer experience, you will definitely be rewarded with their loyalty. To know more about how you can enhance customer experience for your ecommerce store and Ecommerce website Development services, drop us a message and we will contact you asap.




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