Pakistan Jain Temples is a part of the Premchand Manaji Trust. Their objective is to restore Jain Temples across Pakistan and organize pilgrimages for historians to study, document and restore these temples. They work as a group to help preserve the monuments and culture Jains grow up with.

PMT group had very little idea of how they wanted the website to look when they approached us. Their only objective was to get the message out there that Jain temples need to be preserved and restored to their past glory. We decided to give the website a modern look coupled with hard-hitting messaging to appeal to the visitor’s sensitive side.

Images of temples lying in ruin, the hard work being put in to preserve them and a call to action asking for help helped convey the strong emotions driving this project.

Services Provided: UI/UX Design Services, HTML Development, CMS Integration
Platform: WordPress
Languages: PHP development Services, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery
Time Taken: 3 Weeks




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