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Ittisa Labs is one of the best offshore Web Development companies in Bangalore. We provide state of the art web development services that cater to the clients requirements and needs thereby helping the clients to boost profits, enhance productivity, effective competition. We create quality websites and our team of expert web developers at Ittisa Labs is specialized in planning, designing and implementing highly interactive experiences for the clients and users also.

Our Web Development Approach

Information Gathering:

Our Offshore Web Development services start by understanding the client requirements and the existing systems of the client. We also gather information on the target audience and content for the website. After a complete analysis of all the aspects of the client’s business, we prepare a layout of the website which we like to call the “Wire Framing”


Planning is done after proper information has been gathered required for the web development. In the planning step, we develop a site map- a list of all the main and sub topics that need to go on the website. We decide the content that needs to go online and also the flow of the website. Planning also includes navigation features, page depth, SEO requirement, Predictive search etc.

Web Designing:

The layouts and navigation are designed as a prototype and sent to the client for approval. Simultaneously, the database team will assess and understand the requirements and develop with all the data structures. The prototype is a model of how the website will look like when completed.

Web Development:

Here is where the website is actually built. We take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and with the help of these, create a functioning website.

Testing and Delivery:

Testing process involves testing the site’s functionality, interface, smoothness etc. We check for last minute compatibility issues, scripts or forms on the website. Once all these are tested and updated, the site is ready and shall be delivered to the client. The Web Development service is completed with this step.

Website Maintenance:

Websites will need frequent updates to keep it fresh and up to date. Once the site is operational, technical maintenance, ongoing promotion, content management and updating etc will be taken care by our team. Our team then constantly gives suggestions and makes any changes that the client wishes for. Ittisa Labs provides one of the best Web Development Services in Bangalore.

OffShore Web Development Services from IttisaLabs

As the best web development company in Bangalore, India, Ittisalabs emphasize on speed, usability, behind-the-scenes functionality and improved online performance. These mean a thriving business all round. With an intense love for open source technologies, we turn to the Linux/Apache/Mono/MySQL stack as our weapons of choice.

We work with languages such as PHP Development, Ruby on Rails Development, Angular JS Web Development and Progressive Web App Development. Whatever your key CMS system- Joomla, WordPress or Drupal – we build and develop high- functioning websites that perform perfectly for you, your visitors and the search engines too.

We create objective-based websites that cater to a particular need- for example, we excel at e-commerce website development.

To achieve this, we consult closely with you to set achievable goals along with an execution plan. Additionally, we work with you to create a strategy to develop and market your website after it goes live. The end result is an optimized and functioning arm to your business, that’s heading in the same direction as you are.

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